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Our store policies


You are in charge of searching for and picking out the items you will eventually purchase. We are not responsible for your product picks. We may offer suggestions but the final decision is yours. The websites we list on our websites are mere suggestions. You should use your better judgement when choosing the site to use so as to get the best deal. Alternatively, use google search to isolate a product’s best price.

Once we have generated a quotation, we will send you a link to pay for the items on our site. The quotation will be itemized to show the item price, shipping cost to one of our locations (in United States or China), shipping charges to Kenya, and our service cost.

Once placed, all purchases are final.


All quotations and payments (to us) will be done in Kenya Shillings (KES). Any dollar amount will be converted back to Kenya Shilling equivalent by applying the day’s Central Bank of Kenya USD to KES forex selling rate. Customers will therefore be able to pay in Kenya through either directly depositing into our bank account OR through mobile money transfer (MPESA or Airtel Money) OR online using their VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.

Service fee

Kwabox.com is not a freights or shipping company. Neither are we a clearing and forwarding agency. We use the services of third party shipping and clearing companies to handle shipping and clearing on our behalf. The cost of shipping and clearing will be passed directly to customers in the quotation provided. The customs and clearing charges are estimates and actual cost may be higher. If this is the case, the customer will be responsible for the difference. For our service, Kwabox.com charges a small fee. Our service fee is modest and allows us to continue offer you superior service.

Shipping estimate

Your shipping cost will be based on both the actual and volumetric weight of your package and charged on whichever is higher. Since we will only have an estimate of the weight and volume dimensions when sending you a quotation, the shipping cost we quote for you will generally be provisional. Your actual shipping cost will be calculated upon receiving the package and may end up being higher than quoted. In such a case, the difference between actual and estimated will be due from customer, and will be collected in Kenya prior to delivery. Electronics, gadgets, and fragile items are excluded from shipment cost calculation using the Table below.

Weight Range (Kg)Cost ($)
0 to 0.2505
0.251 to 0.5009
0.501 and over (increment of 0.5Kg)13

To estimate your volumetric weight, take the estimated volume of your package (in cubic centimeters) and divide it by 5000. Compare your estimated volumetric weight to the actual weight. For example, you bought a mobile phone which weighs 300g packed in an original box of 15cm by 7.5cm by 4.5cm but the seller packs the original package in another bigger package so as to help secure it. The dimensions of the outside box are 20cm by 15cm by 7.5cm. In calculating volumetric weight, the volume of the outside box will be used i.e. 2250 cubic cm, to give a volumetric weight of 450g. This package will incur a shipping fee based on the aggregate weight 450g instead of 300g, which will still cost $9 to ship (based on the above rate.

Since customers will be buying items from different websites, these items will also have to be shipped to our consolidation centers. In the USA, this items will be consolidated from Columbus, Ohio, and in China from Guangzhou, China. There will be cost associated with shipping the item to our centers. This cost is the responsibility of the customer and Kwabox.com will include it in the quotation sent to the customer. The customer can have an idea of this shipping cost by estimating on the e-commerce website what the cost to ship to either Columbus (ZIP Code 43065) or Guangzhou (Baiyun District) is.

Lastly, there will be a cost for delivering items in Kenya. In Kenya we have partnered with a leading and reputable courier service provider to deliver packages on our behalf to major cities and towns in Kenya. We simply pass that delivery cost to you. We have configured Kwabox.com with tariffs from this provider and you’ll be able to see them when placing your order.

Delivery time estimate

Your estimated delivery time is 7-14 days after we receive items at our consolidation centers. When items are shipped, we will send you a system notification so that you can estimate when to expect your item. Note that this time can be affected by delays in custom clearing. If such is the case, you will be notified.

Note: Items are consolidated and shipped out only once every week from both countries. Our cut-off day for consolidating items for the week is Wednesday. If we receive shipments on Thursday, the items will be consolidated in the following week’s package.

Taxes and duty

Our partner handles all shipping and customs clearance. Shipping cost (as shown provided above) is inclusive of taxes and duty.

Prohibited items

We follow the guidelines set by our freight partner on what you can and cannot ship to Kenya. Generally, you are not allowed to ship: explosives, gases, flammable liquid, flammable solids, oxidizing substances and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive materials, corrosive materials, magnetized materials, dry ice, machines equipped with fuel tanks. Some items cannot be shipped simply because the Kenyan government has banned their import. For a comprehensive list visit this link.

Fragile items

Our service consolidates packages so that you can get the best rate when shipping. Fragile items require a lot more attention and should ideally be shipped alone. Since this is likely to be a costly undertaking for the buyer, Kwabox.com does not allow the shipping of fragile items as part of our consolidated package. Examples of fragile items are: glassĀ items, laboratory materials, musical instruments, technological accessories, marble, tiles,Ā porcelains and ceramics, optical instruments, valuable collectibles, artwork, lampshades, mirrors, stereo and audio equipment, and any item not on this list that is by nature fragile. Any buyer interested in buying fragile item should discus with us prior to. In any case, if it’s absolutely necessary we should buy such items, the item will be shipped singly directly to the buyer through regular postage and buyer may have to incur additional duty and taxes at the point of collection. Electronic items such as cell phones, cameras, DVD systems, are excluded from the shipping cost provided since they require more attention and careful packaging. For these items, the cost of shipping will generally start from $15 for every 0.5 kg of weight (volumetric or actual).


Packages are shipped free of insurance. However, at your request, we can request the shipper to purchase insurance for your package. The insurance cost will be passed on to you.