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What should a Kenyan lookout for when shopping online on international e-commerce websites?

There are many things a Kenyan shopper shopping online on international websites should look out for. There are many variables which when overlooked may ruin your shopping experience.


What to look for when shopping on e-commerce stores.

Since the world is a global village, Kenyans can be able to shop in stores all over the world, if they have a major credit or debit card. This has opened up the possibility for Kenyans to shop on many websites both in China and United States. Traditionally, people have preferred to shop from US-based websites. However, in the recent past, China’s economy has grown tremendously, and the Chinese are able to manufacturer and supply a variety of high quality technological products to the world. This has also seen the emergence of a number of Chinese online e-commerce stores and marketplaces. Kenyans wishing to purchase from either China or the U.S have a variety of websites to visit. However, Kenyans should be aware of the following when shopping on these websites;

  1. You should choose only reliable websites. With good sites comes good customer service and guaranteed product quality. How can someone identify a genuine website? For starters, you need to google the website and check google search results. Do you see any evidence that the website has been in existence for sometime? You can know this simply by looking at search results. A genuine website will have several of it’s pages indexed in google search results. Do you see reviews for the website in google search results or on the website itself? A genuine e-commerce site will have reviews from buyers who have dealt with it. Another place to check is who.is. Can you see the website creation date and where the domain was registered? This information can help you know if it’s a recently registered domain and where the domains was registered.
  2. Think twice about “on-sale” items, what is the catch. On the surface of it on-sale items may be attractive but there could be a catch. Make sure you can communicate with the owners to clarify information.
  3. Do all things a rational buyer would do. Just because you found the website to be authentic does not mean you overlook the ordinary. Protect your personal details. If shopping using a smart phone, ensure you downloaded the correct App. Pay through a reliable platform e.g. Paypal or Alipay. Keep records of your purchases. Check your credit card records for any suspicious charges.

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