Buy American Products

To shop from US stores and you have a way to pay for it directly, send us an email at with information on what item you want to purchase (send us a product link).

If you have no way to pay for an item directly, we can shop for you. You’ll first need to transfer the money to us in Kenya. However, for us to send you a quote, follow the below instructions.

Click on the brand’s icon to navigate to that brand’s page. There, click on “Request A Quote” ensuring you paste the URL of the product your are interested. will ship item(s) to Kenya from the United States.

Why would you want to do this rather than buying directly from the stores? (1) Some stores don’t ship internationally, (2) If you were to ship just one item, the cost would be unjustifiably high, (3) in most cases you’ll require a US address to complete the buying process.

We are here to help.

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