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USA to Kenya Shipping Rate Starts at $10.00 Per Item

How it works

Our mission is to facilitate the shopping and delivery of items from the world’s top sites and deliver to you in Kenya. You have two options for shopping on international sites.

1. You shop and we deliver

This method is suitable if you have a major credit card or your debit card can be used to pay for purchases. But first, you must contact us at sales@kwabox.com describing what you want to buy and from which website. We’ll then send you an address to deliver your items to. Once we receive your item (which you can track if you choose to), we’ll schedule it for delivery in Kenya on our next shipping date. Once in Nairobi, Kenya, you will need to come pick the items yourself, or let us deliver it to you at an added cost.

2. You pay, we shop and deliver

This method is suitable if you don’t have a way of paying for an item from Kenya on your own i.e. you lack a major credit card or your debit card cannot complete an international purchase. Here are the steps.

  1. Kwabox.com has listed top websites in both United States and China. Your first step is to visit any of these websites to search for what you are interested in. Alternatively, visit any other site in the United States or China not listed here.
  2. Once you identify your item, copy the item’s complete URL. See image below for an example of a complete URL. Ensure you copy the entire URL and not just a part of it. Head back to Kwabox.com, navigate to the specific website’s page on Kwabox.com if listed OR use the link “My Own Site” if not listed. On the product page, click on “Request a Quote” and proceed to the Request cart. Here, you’ll paste the copied URL in the “Description and URL” field, adding any other additional information you may have with your request. Then Submit the request.
  3. Once Kwabox.com receives your quotation request, we’ll check the item on the site using your submitted URL and calculate how much it’ll cost you to buy and ship the item to your address in Kenya, as well as the approximate time it’ll take. This quotation will be sent to you in 1 to 2 days if not sooner.

Ensure you use a valid e-mail address and telephone number (preferably mobile) in order to receive the quotation. Sometimes the quotation may be sent to your junk folder or may appear under “Promotion” in some e-mail clients e.g. gmail. Ensure you check these places as well.

Example of how to copy entire URL from your target website.

Shipping rate

Each order starts at just $10 per item shipped

Shipping estimate

We will ship your order as soon as it arrives in our U.S warehouse

Delivery estimate

You'll receive your items in Kenya starting 14 days after we receive it

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Pay securely using Pesapal in Kenya. We purchase items immediatey after