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Orders and Shipping

Typically, after you purchase items from our site, we will purchase the same on your behalf from leading ecommerce websites, wait for it to be delivered to out U.S address before we repackage it and dispatch to Kenya. From start to finish, it’ll take 3 weeks at the earliest to receive the item.

Click on “My account” and use the available options to create the account

You can do so during order placement or you can navigate to your “My account” page and do it there

We will notify you once we have shipped your order (from U.S) and when it has arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, for your further directions.

Per the laws of Kenya, we will collect taxes associated with goods purchased in Kenya

We ship to Kenya

Multiple items or orders will be consolidated if they were placed within a reasonable time before we ship to Kenya

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

We purchase items on your behalf and therefore don’t stock the items. You have a chance to interrogate the item condition, size, and other options prior to order placement. We therefore will not be able to facilitate order returns on your behalf.

We will be able to verify purchased items prior to shipping them from the U.S in order to avoid shipping wrong items to Kenya. If we receive a wrong item, we shall notify you that we are returning the same to the seller for replacement.

Once items are received in Kenya, our ground team will inspect it to ensure it’s not damaged. If damaged, we shall inform you of the same and initiate a replacement (meaning ordering another item for you in the U.S). 

Per earlier discussion, we don’t anticipate this happening.

You can e-mail us or text/WhatsApp us.

Upon goods arrival in Kenya, we shall contact you via phone/text to verify your delivery address.

You cannot change or cancel an order once placed because we do purchase items immediately an order comes through. 

You can and we’ll hold your purchase until the seller stocks the item. Alternatively we will attempt to find a similar item from another seller on your behalf

Shipping rate

Each order starts at just $10 per item shipped

Shipping estimate

We will ship your order as soon as it arrives in our U.S warehouse

Delivery estimate

You'll receive your items in Kenya starting 14 days after we receive it

Order securely

Pay securely using Pesapal in Kenya. We purchase items immediatey after