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About Us

Kwabox.com is a e-commerce fulfillment website catering for the online shopping needs of Kenyans. We enable Kenyans to shop from the world’s leading e-commerce stores located in China or USA. Our business is wholly online for us to maintain low overheads. This is the reason we are able to pass the savings to you in the form of low service cost.

Kwabox.com also offers selected products  to its Kenyan customers directly from the website. These products are carefully selected to bring our customers value at affordable cost.

Benefits of using Kwabox.com

Kwabox.com started out of the realization that more than 90% of items sold in Kenya are sourced from international markets. With only a handful of websites selling in Kenya, Kenyans are not presented with a large variety to choose from and so the price benefit is not felt.

Shipping benefits

Shipping is one of the headaches Kenyans face when shopping internationally. Unless the seller offers to ship the items directly, there is almost no way someone based in Kenya can ship items themselves. Shipping items singly is also expensive.

Kwabox.com consolidates packages and ships them together. This way the shipping cost is lowered for individual packages and the savings are shared by all customers.

Our consolidation is the reason we are able to offer a shipping starting at a cost of $5 for every 0.25 Kg of package weight.

Customs and compliance

Kwabox.com has partnered with a leading shipping company that handles the shipping and customs clearing of shipped items. The company has pledged to pass to Kwabox.com their superior services that ensure compliance with Kenyan laws.

Shipping fees are inclusive of customs clearance costs and any taxes that will be levied.

Shopping benefits

Customers have access to a large number of e-commerce websites to shop from and are not limited to just locally available options. Kwabox.com has also made some recommendations on how to save even more, e.g. by using the outlet or clearance departments of these stores.

Even deeper savings will be realized by shopping more items as the shipping will be consolidated.

Customers can take advantage of shopping events in the United States like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when certain items are considerably marked down. If you can get hold of an item in good time, we’ll buy and ship it for you.