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Products and prices on this site are the exact products and prices you'll find on Amazon.com, eBay.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, among others. The product title exactly matches the title on these sites, and we identify the website for you to verify. We scour leading U.S-based e-commerce stores to bring you exclusive deals. Don't miss out on some very special items at extraordinary sale prices!

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Why Kwabox?

In this era where the world is a global village, we believe in offering the people of Kenya a variety of products at the most competitive prices. Realizing that similar products are sold for twice the price at best, we set out to offer the people a way to shop from leading US ecommerce stores and benefit from low shipment costs. We offer competitive prices and save you on shipment cost.

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With thousands of products, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our store, and it will be unique and personalized to match.

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Our customer support is next to none – customers rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.

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Our partners use a 128-bit SSL security system with advanced encryption to guarantee that your purchases are safe and secure.

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We pick from the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials quality, fitness for purpose, and durability.


Welcome to Kwabox.com – We make online shopping in Kenya exciting by offering Kenyans options beyond the borders. Kwabox.com facilitates online shopping by Kenyans at home and abroad. Kenyans can now shop leading brands from U.S.-based stores on Kwabox.com. Kwabox.com let’s you shop for as simple an item as a lingerie from Victoria Secrets, paying only a small fee based on the item’s weight to ship. We consolidate your packages with others, shipping in a larger container, thereby saving you money and the hustle. Kwabox.com is a better alternative to the direct online shopping in Kenya and having your items shipped singly by the e-commerce websites. 

Why shop on Kwabox.com –  If you are on the market for an item that you will not find in Kenya for instance, you may just find the same item on our website. Better still, you may find that we stock the item at a better price than what you’ll find on websites like jumia kenya. Thus, even though it’ll take you a little longer to get the item, the savings you get in terms of cost may more than make up for the delay. If you don’t find the item you are looking for on our site, simply send us a link from the leading U.S ecommerce sites and we’ll add it for you on Kwabox.com so that you can shop locally on our site.


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Each order starts at just $10 per item shipped

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