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Online shopping in Kenya is a fascinating experience on Kwabox.com. Kwabox.com facilitates online shopping in Kenya for Kenyans at home and abroad. Kenyans can now shop from the world’s leading e-commerce websites such as eBay.com, Amazon.com, Alibaba.com, AliExpress.com, among others. Kwabox.com let’s you shop for as simple an item as a lingerie from Victoria Secrets, paying only a small fee based on the item’s weight to ship. We consolidate your packages with others, shipping in a larger container, saving you money and the hustle involved, and thus delivering your items to you in Kenya. Kwabox.com is a better alternative to the direct online shopping in Kenya and having your items shipped singly by the e-commerce websites.

We are currently accepting orders from websites located in the United States and China only. We will be expanding the list of countries in due course. We have also selected some of the top e-commerce sites in these two countries on Kwabox.com as a starting point for you. Use the links below to navigate to these country-specific websites. The website list is non-exhaustive, therefore if you find a site you want to shop from that is not listed there, use the link “My Own Site” to proceed to submit your quotation request pasting the URL of your desired website in the description box. Have a wonderful online shopping in Kenya with Kwabox.com.

Some of the e-commerce websites

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